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Are you searching for a pediatric dentist who will make your little one feel like a superhero, protecting and caring for their teeth? At Lit Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we strive to make kids feel comfortable and excited to take care of their teeth. You can expect top-quality services from our local dentist in Baton Rouge, LA.

Whether your child needs a filling for a cavity or your teen needs braces to correct misaligned teeth, you can depend on our super dentists to keep your child's smile bright.

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No matter what kind of dental work your child or teenager needs, our pediatric dentist is here to help. Come to us for:

We'll go above and beyond to make you and your child comfortable throughout the process with gentle cleanings and friendly staff. To schedule an appointment for your child's dental care needs, contact us today.

Why choose our super dentists?

You don't want going to the dentist to be a scary and stressful experience for your child. Parents choose us as their local dentist because we have over 14 years of experience, and we prioritize creating a kid-friendly dental experience. We want to help get your child excited about dental care and educate you and them so they will continue to show off a beautiful smile for the rest of their life.

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